SimbiAni (simbiani82) wrote in cliprequests,

days - jack/frankie

*searching interest keyword "day of our lives"*
*sees comm name*
*squees & jumps for joy*
*reads profile info*
Aww, man. Multifandom, and you have hardly no members...
Maybe if you posted a promo post to vidding?
Well, at first my reaction to the comm name was "OH YAY!" since I thought it was specifically for Days, lmao. And I'd been about to give up hope (oy, no pun intended, hehe) of finding Jack/Frankie clips. Searched everywhere, the usual and etc. Oh well.
But if anyone needs me, clips I can offer is LazyTown! LoL, made four LT vids already! :D I may only have a few clips from the LazyTown sites but yea... hehe...
Till next time...

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